A Nightmare on Elm Street card & review

Whew...finally huh? be honest...I was NOT gonna post it today BUT I gave up on my card! My vision of course didn't come through and so I just stuck with this version.

So to begin here...let me say that I gave A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 out of 5 stars! ****

Of course fans of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street will be skeptical going in to watch this movie as I was...but surprised myself because I was expecting to be all..." sucked". I actually liked it...but not loved it! I'm still a 100% fan of the original. While this movie didn't SUCK it also didn't really do much besides make me jump. I mean I expected what was coming...I mean DUH...but the added sounds to it gave me my reactions. If you saw the original it's not gonna be any surprise that a burnt serial killer is hunting teens in their dreams! What made this movie "scary" was the extra noise, the BOOMS and the BAMS...that alone will make you jump! What I DID like about this movie were the dreams. This new Freddy is sick! Sick in a good way and sick in a bad He's always been "funny" and what not with his one liners...BUT Freddy was taken to a much more darker place. Not that I don't love dark things...because I do! Heck...I'll be the first to jump on the wagon if I was told it was gonna be a dark ride! 4 of 5 stars just happened to be because of that darkness Freddy was taken to. In the 1984 original version of ANMOES, Freddy was a child killer...right? Remember he was a child murderer whom the parents of Springwood killed after Krueger was acquitted of police charges on a technicality? Well in this 2010 version...he was given child molester history. That left a very bad taste in my mouth. I wont get into details about this certain scene that just made me would spoil the movie for you...or maybe not...but still...I wont reveal much about it. Just a warning that this new dark version of Freddy's history is beyond my taste. If I can cut a piece out of this would be THAT!!!

I was molested as a child and I remember it vividly...that's something horrible that sticks with you...but I grew strong from it and told myself that I did nothing wrong to deserve it. The person who did this is ill and may God or KARMA take on his soul. That's all I got to say about that! Moving on!

Still...if you're a fan on Freddy...go watch this movie. I do recommend it! Jackie was a great Freddy. The makeup was HORRID...Jackie ALONE was scary looking enough in the memory the added makeup was just not great.

BUT if you're just a fan of "horror" then I would just wait to rent it than spend $8-11 at the cinema for something you're not gonna be completely happy with. Like I said before...I'm a Freddy I didn't mind going to the cinema to catch the flick. ;)

All in all...if I can rate both the 1984 version to this 2010 one...I would give all 5 stars to the 1984 one. Johnny Depp and Heather Lagenkamp were both AWESOME in it! Not to mention with a director like Wes Craven and a Freddy like Robert Englund...this can't be replicated!!!

Now a look at my forever never-ending of blech card! I have to say that the version is my head OH MAN just kicked @$$!!! How this came out...waa waa waa! It's not horrid...but it's not great either! I used poor Bowtie to turn him into Freddy's silhouette! I drew in his hat and knives for fingers. Then I just printed some text paper, aged it a bit with a sepia undertone and then typed in the Freddy lyrics to the Freddy's coming for you song. I then wrinkled it up...aged it with Walnut Stain ink by Tim Holtz to give it a burnt look and scraped a knife down it to look like Freddy's "fingers". Then I stamped "dream" 3 times because isn't that when Freddy shows up? LMAO! LV loved DS loved the I guess that can count me as happy with it! What do you think? Be harsh if you must! LOL! I can take it! :P


Creepy Glowbugg said...

No one can play Freddie like Mr. Englund, but... that new 'real burn victim' look is really disturbing. I like the fact that they allowed Jackie to play his own version of Freddie.
Reality is horror is reality.
Welcome to 2010 baby.
Great card. I like all the extra details and not a bad job using Bowtie as Freddie. Altering images can be tough. Nice job.

Barb said...

Great card, Gabby! So eerie... you captured Freddy perfectly!

WickedPixie said...

I think it's a fabulously creepy card Gabby! Great job! :-)Traci

DonnaMundinger said...

Waddaya mean you're not all that happy with this card! I LOVE it! I recognized Bowtie, but your additions really did the trick. He's a fab Freddy and the background and sentiment is perfect! Thanks for the review, too. I think I'll wait for the video. I agree, the added darkness to his history is totally unnecessary and distasteful. He's plenty evil and creepy without it. xxD