I LOVE this.....

Check this out...coming June 1st...look at what's in store for us "different" girls! Click on the image to take you to Simply Betty Stamps blog to see what's coming up!

100 Monkeys/Jackson Rathbone...yummm

As you may know...I'm a HUGE fan of the twilight series right? And of course you know my love for Jasper/Jackson? If you don't know that...well now you!

Well Jackson has a band of monkeys called the 100 Monkeys...talented bunch I tell ya! They work on improv! :O I love their music...I just with had more 100 Monkeys music to post on my player...but alas...they don't! SOOOO...I urge you to give them a listen through my local radio station KIIS FM. If you love music or even the music I play here on my will for sure love the 100 Monkeys! Check them out! Just so you know...I LOVE grooving to Orson Brawl! ;) Ugly Girl is a great song too...and so true with said "ugly girls" like Paris Hilton and such...


BTW...I still have my blog candy open on my "normal" blog! Want some?