100 Monkeys/Jackson Rathbone...yummm

As you may know...I'm a HUGE fan of the twilight series right? And of course you know my love for Jasper/Jackson? If you don't know that...well now you!

Well Jackson has a band of monkeys called the 100 Monkeys...talented bunch I tell ya! They work on improv! :O I love their music...I just with had more 100 Monkeys music to post on my player...but alas...they don't! SOOOO...I urge you to give them a listen through my local radio station KIIS FM. If you love music or even the music I play here on my will for sure love the 100 Monkeys! Check them out! Just so you know...I LOVE grooving to Orson Brawl! ;) Ugly Girl is a great song too...and so true with said "ugly girls" like Paris Hilton and such...


BTW...I still have my blog candy open on my "normal" blog! Want some?

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Crafty Lynz said...

Oooooh I love Jackson too & 100 Monkeys!!! Did you know he has his own twitter now?? x